Monday, October 6, 2008

Hellenic daydreams

By Ioannis Fidanakis

In the final years of the 90s many of us watched in horror, as the West’s dreams of dismantling Yugoslavia became a reality. We saw the rise of NATO backed states founded on the remains of NAZI puppet governments from the Second World War, with the establishment of the Neo-Ustasha state of Croatia. We witnessed the creation of the Mujahideen movement for an Islamic Bosnian nation. In the 21st century we have seen heroin drug dealers wanted for War Crimes become Prime Minister’s of such illegal states as Kosovo, all under the disguise of Human Rights and Globalization.

Western Imperialism has come to rest in the heart of Haimos (the Balkans) through new US military bases and dreams of American oil pipelines. And yet the most ancient of nations on our peninsula, the Hellenic nation, continues to sleep, believing that it’s National Integrity will be respected. While the Hellenic nation prefers to smoke its cigarettes and drink itself into a national comma at its cafes. Our enemies have settled within our mist. Our politicians have gone to bed with foreign powers – bent on the dismantlement of the Hellenic Republic and revision of its ancient history.

Today, the bastard children of Tito’s Communist Yugoslavia attempt to steal and rewrite the very core foundation that makes up Hellenism. Using their Stalinist tactics of discrimination and revisionism to change the Hellenic characteristic of Macedonia. We are living in the crucial age in which we may actually see the full slavization of Macedonia and its history. This is only the first phase in Skopje’s plan to occupy Thessaloniki and realize Tito’s dream of a port on the Aegean Sea.

We have witnessed the rebirth of Mussolini’s Greater Albania with its first phase being realized with the illegal declaration of Kosovo Independence and the West’s recognition of such. The Albanian drug cartel, with its connections to Bin Laden’s terrorist network, have been organized and supported by NATO to cause instability throughout Haimos. Sleeper cells of the UCK lay in waiting under aliases in Montenegro, Skopje, and Hellas. Waiting the next planned phase of their mission to realize Greater Albania.

The Neo-Ottoman state under its Kemalist regime continues its policies of ethnic cleansing in both Cyprus and Kurdistan. It continues its oppressive state sponsored racism and terrorism against its religious and ethnic indigenous minorities. And finally, continues its national policy of denial and revisionism towards the Hellenic, Armenian, and Assyrian Genocides. Yet our youth remains infatuated with socialist-liberal fairy tales. Which poor out the rambling mouths of old men with defeatist perspectives that call themselves our politicians and community leaders.

Gone are the days of Leonidas and Alexander. We have said farewell to hero’s like Basil II and martyr’s like Palaiologos. To men like Kolokotronis and Diakos. Where are the great statesmen of Venizelos and Metaxas’ character? Our nation stagers blindly towards its own destruction while the masses stand by and allow our treasonous leaders to steer the nation deeper into the abyss. When will our nation’s fear of confrontation disappear and be replaced with our past noble character of resistance – under the battle cry of freedom or death! When will we remember that Hellenes have always been outnumbered and always fought against the odds to victory.

The dismantlement of Hellas lies upon the horizon and our enemies are fully mobilized and ready to strike. Their mouths salivate, like Vultures flying over a rotting corpus. Is our fate the same as Yugoslavia’s? Are we to see a Hellas no bigger then just Athens with Epirus falling to the Albanians, Makedonia to the Skopjeans and Thraki to the Turks? While we are left with a rump Athenian state fully globalize and multicultural, without the slightest Hellenic cultural or ethnic character what so ever? Only time will truly tell if this will be reality or just paranoid thoughts that never were. In the end a new generation of Hellenes must decide, do they really want to be remembered as the ones that allowed our nation to fade away into history?