Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Enough is Enough

As the holiday season falls upon us once again, we are met with a frenzy of ‘pc’ attempts to make sure that no one is ‘offened’ this year. However, have these politically correct attempts gone too far? Have they instead of spreading unity and togetherness, infact alienated one of the founding groups of our country? Have we forgotten the original message that this holiday season is suppose to inspirer inside us all? I personally think we have, we’ve lost the true meaning of the holidays, and have become blinded by liberal mombo jombo. This holiday season, whether you are a Pagan, Christian, Jew, Muslim or even a Hindu, I think we should all stand with one clear voice, and say, ‘Enough is Enough’.

PC Madness

Political Correctness, is described by the Canadian Oxford Dictionary as, “the avoidance of forms of expression or action that exclude, marginalize, or insult certain racial or cultural groups”. If this is the case, wouldn’t one say the PC movement’s actions against Christmas, actually go against the goals of the PC movement? By their actions they have insulted and excluded Christians from the holidays, while other cultural and racial holidays are freely expressed by name in public.
Today’s liberal generation has seen the term ‘Merry Christmas’, replaced with ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Seasons Greetings’. All so that non-christian groups do not feel left out of the holiday season. Our nation has allowed itself to alter its own unique culture, which like it or not, is based upon Protestant Christianity’s traditions. To ask a country to change itself, for others, is not only morally wrong, but in plain english, its stupid! As recently as two years ago, the Boston City Christmas tree was renamed the ‘holiday tree’, causing so much controversy and protest, the city was forced to change its name back. This PC movement has created an overwhelming christian country, to make its christian festival’s disappear, and I for one, am outraged.

Truth about Kwanzaa

One of our country’s holidays, which seems to go unchanged for the sake of political correctness is Kwanzaa. A week-long holiday, held from December 26 till January 1, honoring African-American heritage, as an alternative to Christmas for the Black population of the United States. A purely racial holiday, founded to help segegate the United States on racial lines. Its founder is Ron Karenga, aka Ron Everett, an author, activist, and convicted felon. Karenga was an active member in the Black Power movement, and member of the ‘United Slaves’ organization, known as being an outspoken black nationalist group. I ask you readers if such a holiday was established by a ‘white nationalist’, would it be tolerated in mainstream society?

Truth about Hanukkah

Hanukkah, the Festival of lights, one of the most important Jewish holidays. Although it has been celebrated in the mainstream for quite some time, not much is known about it’s historical importance. Many Christians do not even truly know what this holiday commemorates. Its representation of the Jewish victory over Hellenistic culture, the very same civilization, which is the corner stone for Western(American) civilization. And yet, Western Civilization tolerates this holiday, yet it is the Jewish community, which leads the calls for political correctness, while leaving their ethnic holiday out of the madness of the ‘PC’ crime patrol.

Unjust War against Christmas

One of the leading organizations in this ‘war’ against Christmas is the Anti-Defamation League. An organization, which mission statement (from their web site) reads: “To stop the defamation of the Jewish people…to secure justice and fair treatment to all”. Yet their little battle against Christmas is nothing more then an attack on the country’s historic identity. As well as very Christophobic, which could lead to racial and cultural hatred. If one is to view the ADL’s web site, you will find an article entitled, ‘December Dilemma’, which is a guideline for holiday assemblies, and rules of conduct for public schools. I ask you, who is the ADL to make up such a guideline for our public schools? Who died and made them the enforcers of ‘pc’ conduct in mainstream society, enforcers, which do not ‘enforce’ political correctness equality, but rather support a double standard. A double standard, which the majority of America seems to turn a blind eye to, for fear of being label ‘racist’ or ‘anti-Semitic’.
I call for all intelligent people of America, to look pass this new age of political correctness, which is destroying not only our holidays, but also our whole society. Enough is enough, when is America going to start calling it as it is, and enjoying life for as long as humanly possible. Enough with the nonsense, enough of the White bashing, race card playing, anti-Christian, xenophobic, bullshit.

Monday, December 24, 2007


Some call me a marytr
Cause i rather die then falter
Hold my beliefs alittle longer
Cause im alittle stronger
Pray to God that we can alter
The path that we have taken
The lives that we have shaken
The hearts that we have broken
The ways that we have chosen
But now my eyes have been awaken
And As my heart starts pacing
My soul starts aching
For a chance to rewrite the past
Could this be real at last
So put your hopes and dreams on me
And lets see how this will be
A time for all of mankind to see
How much this really means to me

My Enemies Flag

Close my eyes, and hope to die
My enemies flag Flies high
Destine to live and die
So i will start and testify
About the wrongs and rights
A child's mind designs
In a world without time

So i pray to the divine
That help will come in time
To save this childs mind
As we lie, in foreign fields to die
We as soldiers cry
Tears run from our eyes
Why do we try
To help our enemies flag fly high

O Haimos

Well i figured for the Christmas season. I'll release afew of my other poems on here also. So here is O Haimos, i hope you enjoy

Haimos Haimos with mountains so bold
Your enemies once hoped that your heroes would grow old
But little did they know, that our hearts beat on
So raise your swords
To the Beat back the hordes
O Haimos, O Haimos, with lands so true
Your heroes are coming back to you
In our thoughts and memories you still will hold
A Place more precious then gold

Hellenic Spirit

I've been unable to finish the afew ideas i have for articles to be posted. However, because i've been lacking in free time, i thought i might post an old poem i've written for those who do read my blog. So here it is Hellenic Spirit. I hope you like

Hear the words I need to speak
Through these thoughts you will begin to weep
Asking question like where, what, and why
Did little Maria from Anatolia have to die

Where was America that day?
When young women began to pray
Why weren't their screams heard?
As our cities began to burn
And Allied Ships Fled
What went on in Chrysostomos' Head?
As we were left to our fate, to be consumed by hate

Our rivers ran red
With terror and bloodshed
Leave all you've known
Bring only what one can hold
That is what we were told

So can you feel my pain?
As my tears fall like rain
With thoughts of Eastern Thrace
Long before the Turks came to massacre my race

The Hellenic Spirit lives on
Through Dance and through Song
In our hearts and our minds
Till the end of time

So I ask you little Hellene, do you remember the dreams
Of that Kritikos, O Venizelos
Liberation one day, are the words you should say
No longer will Pontians be slain, as we begin the campaign
So that our forefathers did not die in vain

Constantinpoli was once its name
Hagia Sofia waits to be reclaimed
So we must lift up our swords
And beat back the Turkish Hordes
To reclaim our lost homes

The Hellenic Spirit Lives on
Through Dance and through song
In our hearts and our minds
Till the end of time